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When I grow up...
 Ok, so I really haven't updated in for ever! Steve and I are past our three year mark YEAY US, everything seems to be going well, there are always ups and downs (mostly contributed by me but what can u do) School is almost done for ever (now thats a scary thought) Ill have to get a real job:P I got a new car after killing my old one. Im completely in love with Steve lol Its a new year so maybe some great things will happen for us, wouldn't that be great! Living at my parents house is proving be be a little bit more stressful then I remember it being before... But Steve and I got lucky when they let us move in on shot notice because where we were living "fell through" that was a dumb situation that I never want to go through again so ive decided that the next time I move out it will be on my own with Steve of corse. I cant wait till I am making enough money that Steve and I can get out of debt and on our feet. I want to be able to have kids and not worry about every penny, and I want my own house! 
Lets see what else, oh Ive gotten sick of The Wreck'd its just a place for all the drama of London to come out... I love the music and I love Steve but I just cant handle some of the other people there. Its so odd, I used to love it and now its like I have to go there again, why?!? (sometimes I do want to go tho) I miss hanging out with Steve behind the DJ booth but its always so packed with people who need "someone to talk to"  I guess Im just tired of dealing with everyone else's problems oh maybe Im just getting sick of people... I get tired of having no time to deal with my own stuff because someone else I know decides that what ever is going on in there life is more important then what Is going on in mine... I got a gym membership and ive hardly used it, Im afraid of failing. Too bad I haven't even tried... I wish I could do it on my own, but it feels lonely and for what ever reason Im lazy and I hate that about myself. I miss the old me who was active, and liked being around people no matter who they were or how annoying they were... Im glad that Steve and I are still together, my mom said hes the only person who can put up with me long enough to calm me down when Im upset, and the only one who will put up with my constant mood swings aside from my family and still love me. I think that its true... sorry Steve I know Im a crazy B!t(h but Im glad you still love me. 
My new years resolution this year is to be happy. I know that seems kinda odd, but its what I need, Im sure Steve would like it too:P I want to loose weight and be pretty and eat right and all that other crap but I think that the first thing I need to work on is being happy! 
So I guess thats all I have to say for now, but hopefully Ill remember to wright in here more often... 


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