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 Ok, so lets see, since my last post, I have found someone really special to me (nothing serious), he treats me well and is nice to me, we have a wonderful time together, he makes me laugh, smile, and if Im sad he cheers me up. He's a lot of fun to be around, and he's got the cutest dog in the world! (ps I love her!) 
Ange and Ryan have been living at my house now for about 3 weeks, Ange is awesome! (LUVZ MY WIFE!) lol how ever ryan is still the same ryan that lived with the the first time around! Hes lazy, makes huge messes, never cleans up after himself, pretty much expects me to do everything for him... YET AGAIN! hes apparently been working on getting a room somewhere else, but ill believe it when I see it kinda deal... He is driving me bonkers, its like having someone attached to my hip who expects me to clean up after him, pay for everything, do his laundry, cart him around, drive him where ever he wants to go... its freeken rediculous! Im so sick of it. I ended up having to go and hang out at a friends house all weekend just to regain even the littlest bit of sanity... been here for 4 days and i feel better, but somehow I know that this feeling will be gone when ever I go home :( I wish I could just leave in the truck with my friend lol and come back when Ryan is gone! lol but allas that probably isint a realistic option... (Damn) 
So back to this awesome person:P we have decided that were going to go to the Furgus Highland games, we got weekend passes, its gunna be a blast, Im really stoked to go! I also went fishing with him and caught like 8 fish and released 3 my self with no help:) (im so proud of me) I also get to go up north this yr and do some fun stuff with him :) (also compleetly excited!)  
Ok ok I guess I should get going lol do something productive and all that jazz! :P



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