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First day back!
 Ok, so today was the first day back after christmas holiday, I only have one class on Mondays that makes me happy! However I forgot that theres no point to going to any classes really for the first week its all this is what this class is, this is what you should learn... bla bla bla... BORING!!! especially when you have to get up early to here it... Any way, I also went to find out if I could get an external credit for one of the classes that I need, the lady said there is a good chance that I should be able to get it. I really really hope that I can get it or Ill be taking it in the summer it would be such a waste:P but I mean you gotta do what you gotta do right... So I have to wait for 10 business days to find out if it goes through. I didnt realize how much I missed school because I had been at home for so long, I know that In a couple weeks Im going to wish I was off again but u know what Im so close to the end, that I can see it. I am happy that Im going to have finished it and Ill have something to show for it, and never have to have a crappy job again (hopefully) I want to get a good job and move out and have a good time. I know Steve feels the same way:P Im feeling happy today and its wonderful, had a great night last night thanks to a drunk Steve, Ange, and Joe... they were freeken funny! Singing out loud to all the songs at WInks, Talking newfie... Ange and Joe being super drunk = wonderful fun!! Any how just wanted to share my happy feeling:P:>


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