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Stories of the Past!

Some of Angelas and my favroite or not so faverote drinkings memories from psycos to well to put it bluntly more psycos...

On our first drinking night every togeater The first stop we made was at GT's it was dead due to the fact that it was Thanksgiving... How ever we were still out, we were sitting at a table drinking our beers and having a smoke when along came these guys... they asked us if we had a lighter and Angela gave me her lighter so I went over and I started to talk with them I called Ange over to sit with them and she sat down next to one of them and they started yelling over to some guy at the bar that Ange was in love with him, so Ange quickly moved to stand up. Then they said they'd buy us a drink if we would give them head and we politley declined... kinda... politley... I said I was a dominatrix and I ate little boys like them for breakfeast... then the lookes on there faces were price in that time Ange and I chuged our beers and left GTs. Then we went to the spot light got ourselves some beer. Well we were ordering this guy who looked like penguin from batman came up and started dancing with me, he bought us some beer, then I was dancing on the dance floor and he came up and started humping my but... then he bought us more beer but I thought that he put something in mine so I said to Ange dump it out and make it look like she spilled it by accident... However it didnt really look like that she tiped it upside down and then said oupsi in this cute little I didnt mean to do that voice... Then we went to the bathroom to try to figure out how to get red of this guy and he fallowed us to the batroom.... So we said we had to leave and meet a friend...he chased us down the street and made us go back to the bar... Then we said we were lait meeting a friend and had to go... We turned around and he was following us so we went to 181 and told the bouncer not to let him in... that was pritty much the end of that night.

Another night was when my cousin came down from the US.... Ange and I picked up some booze then we decided to get my cousin drunk... this porved to be a very intresting night... We had rasbery sourpuss and my cousin kept calling it sour poos because of his american accent... it was funny as hell so we kept drinking and drinking and we were all very drunk, So I tried to get my cousin to do a cartwheel, when Im drunk I have a good sence of balance, so I did a cartwheel and my cousin attempted one he got up on to his hands and did this half face plan half summersault... then we went to 711 and almost had the cops called on us because my cousin was falling into things looking for this stuff called funonions??? I dono how its spelt... Ange and I didnt know what they were so we got candy and I was picking them out one by one.... then my sister told us we had to go because we were getting in trouble... When we got back to my house, my cousin was screeming into his phone that he had to call his (N word...) and Ange and I were like you cant say that its rude and disrespectfull and he was like ok fine Im going to call my B!!CHES and we told him wed slap him silly if he refered to wiman like that again... Then my cousin desided he wanted to climb the poarch up to my parents bedroom window but he nver made it but did sucessfully break my concreet poarch. Dont ask us how Ange and I couldnt figure it out eather... but being drunk Ange and I thought we should try to fix it with ductape and glue... Needless to say it didnt work out to well. That concludes my cousins drinking story with Ange and I.

Tequila night:S 

Some how we ended up at Decent (witch is no longer open) Doing tequila shots I kept taking them off peoples fingers so we kept geting more for free... They gave us sour keys for after the shots... It was yummy, I some how lost my galsses and some nice perosn brought them back to me... Broken as hell but I had them back. I also apparently was making out with this guy all night and he tried to take me home but I dont remember this night at all so I cant really say to much about that one. How ever Ange saved my butt but telling the guy off and saying I was going home with her. Then we left every five stpes I had to sit down becuse I couldnt move I was so drunk, we made it half a block not even to the bank where I tried to go to sleep on a bank mashine and got yelled at by an old man who didnt think that this was an adiquit place for me to sleep. So we left the bank and tried to go about half a block to catch a cab but I never made it that far due to my sitting down every five steps some guys in a car stoped to make sure I was ok and then drove away... Ange had to get a cab for us and her and the cab driver had to some how get me into the cab to get home... Apparently I was showing him tampons and saying OHHH Look I have tampons... (please keep in minde I was very drunk) Then the cab droped Ange off first and she fell out of the cab on to the middle of the street. The cab took me to joes house and the poor cab driver had to carry me to the door where Joes brother took over carying me and took me to the bathroom because apparently they thought I was going to vomit... (which I might add I never did that night) Then Joes mom needed to use the bathroom and so Joe had to pick me up and movie me well he let goe of me for like 2 seconds apparently it was like up one sec down on the floor the next. (I had no legs:S) Then I draged my self to the stares and went head first down them. I crawled onto the couch and Ange had been calling my cellphone to make sure I got home ok and Robbie was nice eneough to tell her that I was there. (thankyou) I apparently told Robbie over and over again to tell me in the morning that Tequila was bad and to never ever drink it again... I have absolutly no recgintion of this night or day this has been pieced togeather from what Angela and Joe and Toney and Robbie told me.... (THANKS EVERYONE) 

Ange And I

Angela & Lindsey April 8/9 '05 We went to the band, and there was a guy with tattoo's, Lindsey said to him she liked them. So then he invited us for drinks at "Scot's Corner'. He asked us how old we thought he was. Angela said 26, and Lindsey said 32. We were borth wrong, he was 37. He He He... so then we went to "Spotlight"... lindsey started to dance at the bar to a song, and this guy named Daniel started to dance with her. The he bought her a drink, and then... another... then he danced with us and tried to grab our bums!!! And then he started making out with Angela... EW!! he said to Angela, "so you think I'm hot?" then we went to the bathroom to discuss it and "Dave" messaged Lindsey saying he was sorry "WTFE!" And then Angela reapplied her lipgloss, we went back out and he tried to makeout with Angela again... "He stole my lipgloss right off my lips!!" she screamed, EW!! and he wanted to have a threesome... "Not with HIM!". So then we made an excuse to meet Angela's "cousin Josh" kuz we were 30 minutes late... "ya right!". So we left... then there was this hot guy on the corner of Richmond & York, first he hugged Lindsey and wouldn't let go... then he wanted to make a "circle" so he grabbed Angela and apparently we had a circle... then his friends took photo's of us with him. Angela played with his nipple and him and Lindsey did a "boob shot" then he asked Ange and Lindsey to fuck him kuz we were hot! Lindsey stole his hat and he wouldn't let us go kuz he wanted to fuck us!! then we let him down easy and went on our way to "Call The Office" the really hot bouncer let us in but there was nobody there then we were leaving and he said Angela's cousin was "HOT!!" But really the bouncer was hot. Then we went to GT's and had a nonsence conversation, Lindsey said "Drump" He He He (instead of jump) then we left there and we were on the way to "Prince Alberts Diner" and some 70 year old man said Lindsey smelled like roses and proceded to sniff her. He asked if she was single and she said no I'm with that guy (points to random guy) Then the old guy said she was sexy and that he was single but don't tell his wife. We quickly left that area... then Lindsey gave some random guys hugs and Angela gave her cousins boyfriend "hand love" then we went to "Prince Al's" go poutine, we were waiting for our cab and some guy smacked Lindsey's ass by... now we're home writing this cronicle of events about our evening out. 


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Awwwwwwwwww these stories so made my night! i miss those days :( such advantures we had... not downtown is virually dead. Is it sad that I kinda miss the Spotlight? not so much GT's though. Anyway, thanks for bringing these up! It makes me wish I was still 19 lol ILY

I miss them too hun! Down town has completely died, its too bad. I also kinda miss the spot light:P he he he thats where most of our adventures happened lol ILY2 hun!

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